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Dec 25, 2012 11:00pm EST
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Dec 5, 2012 11:00pm EST
a child threatened on a bus with a b.b. gun. baltimore city police say the boys were headed to their elementary school. one of the students pulled out the b.b. gun and threatened another student. the situation was reported to city leaders and city schools police. officials say the district will take the appropriate disciplinary action. >>> a major announcement from baltimore city police tonight. in a rare nighttime news conference, anthony bats announced the department had made its 1,000 gun arrest this year. officers were responding to a home. officers arrested a man and they say they found a semi automatic handgun. >> she said she had seen the officers out here previous nights. he knew there were 12. it was a good way to seek out the officers and they came right away. >> major blake was on hand for the announcement. >>> the superintendent is proving he is open for suggestions when it comes to improving city schools. so dr. dallas mann was eligible to answer questions. >> what i try to do is change the conversation to be proactive. when you're proactive you have environment
Dec 17, 2012 11:00pm EST
into a city school with a knife. cheryl starts our coverage with that story. >> that school visitor is now in jail. parents at the national academy foundation shuttered at seeing news crews. they are talking and so is the police chief about preventing another shooting. iqúan incidentinside a city school. this timeinvolving a knife. >> i'm speechless right now. >> it seemed to start off friendly. a visitor brought a birthday cake and balloons the a relative but skirted past the front office. then a fight broke autowith an officer worker and the visitor showed a knife. tracey mcdaniel learned about the fight at the end of the day on a day when parents are on edge. in surrounding counties, police officers stood at schoolings. it's just one step following a shooting at sandy hook elementary where 20 students and 6 adults were shot and killed. >> children already asked this morning where why there was a police officer and i said they're just out here to say hi to everybody. >> the police chief is also the chairman of the national law enforcement partnership to prevent gun violence. he says
Dec 6, 2012 11:00pm EST
city school employee charged with raping a 15-year-old girl. >> that girl is now pregnant with the child. christian schaffer has been following the story. he has the late e. >> very parents got a chance to vicinity tonight. that suspect, shawn nolan was a contractor. his duties appear to have extended far beyond. >> this is shawn nolan's office on the first floor of hazel wood elementary. inside the office. he councilled students and handed out disciplines. >> he was a hall monitor. >> hall monitor, temporary support employee. no one seemed to be sure just what his job was. now, he faces criminal charges where police say he had a sexual relationship with a 15- year-old girl. the girl is pregnant with his child. nolan worked at has ole wood two days after the arrest last week. when the arrest came to light so did the confusion of his job. >> they don't know what this man was. and he was allowed complete access to children. >> reporter: children like erica hamlet's son. >> this man had been the go-to person here. when i was having issues with my son sand his math teacher. he
Dec 30, 2012 11:00pm EST
. temperatures outside of town, up towards manchester you're at 28 degrees. 35 in baltimore city. elkton, you have temperatures in the low 30s right now. we'll be trading that off into the teens and low 20s for tonight. a little bit of a breeze has produced windchill values feeling like 19 in hagerstown, 26 in easton. you get the drill. the planner of the course of the overnight hours, 25 degrees. wake up to a blend of sunshine and clouds at 24 degrees and by lunchtime, 38, cloudy skies prevail by the 4:00 hour at 44 degrees. temperatures chilly across the nation. we are expecting a blast of arctic air that comes down. we'll show you in the 7-day forecast coming up just a little bit. >>> a woman is facing hate crime charges after pushing a man to death before a speeding subway car because she thought he was a muslim. >> reporter: it was a bizarre ending to a crime that has shocked this city. the woman accused of pushing a man onto the train tracks screaming and smiling as cameras captured her arrest. this surveillance video led police to erica menendez. investigators say that's her running aw
Dec 27, 2012 11:00pm EST
, this is my son, i know i will lay down my life for my son. >> city police say the whole assault is still under investigation and have yet to classify this as a hate crime and finding the suspects may be difficult, ken said he never got a good look at them. >>> if you like slot machines, you can stay at the casino until the cows come home, the casino is staying open 24/7. maryland alive welcomed players at 8 at doors that will never close. the 24/7 change was approved last month. the new hours will make them more competitive with neighboring states and create jobs. >>> all in all we are adding 1200 additional jobs with table games in 24 hours, 150 are tied to the 24 hours and starting by tonight. and then the remainder of them will be added as we get closer and closer to the table games operation with about 800 of them tied specifically to the table games operation. >>> they believe the changes will help the casino better compete. there's no timetable set for table games to start for the casino. the best estimate right now is sometime in the early spring. >>> developing tonight, former pr
Dec 23, 2012 11:00pm EST
the children, then call l me crazy. . >> senator lisa gladman who represents malt mor city is making it her mission to out law extended magazines. >> and auto -- an automatic or semiautomatic weapon doesn't work for hunters or for those who are shooting animals for the purposes of food when it comes to gun stores a senator from montgomery county will push to give the state police the same authority as if atf to place sanctions o on the owners. as for the guns left on the street. >> if you count them, it tells people i am going to make sure that the right person or the right people have access to these kind of weapon withs. >> and the sponsors of these state bills are due. p students were killed in at columbine despite the fact that armed police were there. >> gun sales have spikeded after the elementary school shooting but now, demand is shooting price up. ar 15s are selling for as much as a thousand dollars in texas. adealer says that an assault style is weapon that sold for nine hundred dollars are now selling for about fifteen hundred dollars people across country are keeping the
Dec 9, 2012 11:00pm EST
. 49 degrees in the city. to the north up in manchester, 43. annapolis at 48 degrees. temperatures going right around 50 degrees and through the wakeup hour and they are he getting fog and low clouds out there. and look at lunchtime. 60 degrees. how about close to 70 tomorrow. we will share your 7-day forecast coming up. >>> around bend from the tank you will find dale avenue in overlea. >> a officer tried to go down the road and it almost cost his life. joce sterman has more. >> reporter: the officer is out of the hospital a police won't give out his name but he was taken to shock trauma and released earlier today. now the officer was not on duty when he was hurt. it happened near the intersection of dale and kenwood avenues in overlea. police say he was driving after 3 this morning when he came across a big group of people blocking the road. so he stopped and asked some of the people to move so he could get through. and a man came out of the group and fired several shots into the officer's car. county investigators are looking at this case and they have not released any informati
Dec 28, 2012 11:00pm EST
shootings in the city today. the first happened at 1:30 this afternoon near clifton park. an 18-year-old man was shot in the leg. police are still investigating. >>> two other men wounded when shots were fired in the 2500 block ofwoodbrook avenue. police found one man shot in the chest and a second shot in the buttocks. >>> charges could be placed against the driver who lost control of their car on the dc beltway that killed three people. two died at the scene. florentina gonzalez was also killed. the car skidded and was hit by two pickup trucks. topers are not identified -- troopers have not identified the driver who lost control. >>> new developments tonight in the so called fiscal cliff. it's just four days away and we still are waiting to hear if there's a deal in washington. tonight president obama addressed the country in talkses to. there's still no answer, but tonight the president says work is being done. >> congressional leaders left the white house today without a deal to avoid the fiscal cliff. but the leaders and the president are still trying. >> i'm modestly optimistic that an
Dec 26, 2012 11:00pm EST
across much of baltimore. north and west of the city and changing to rain. laurel. and how about a look at baltimore today. again, it was a snowy scenario until noon. tonight, we have rain, wind di conditions. dew point, 44. moist air in place. could see reduced visibility with rain and wind. could be a sloppy mess with the slush still hanging out. here is the set up for the trends. clearing skies. wednesday, up, temperatures keep falling, a raw, chilly day north and west of us. windchill in the 20s tomorrow. this storm moves out which shifting our attention to what happens after the storm. in the immediate wake of the storm, it will just be windy and cold. then we will watch through the day tomorrow and thursday as the second storm develops in the texas coast area. we believe it will arrive mid- morning saturday. depending on the precise track how much rain versus snow. right now, one to two inch around the 95 corridor seem to be a good bet. perhaps we get a lit 8 more than that, perhaps a little less. tonight, no more accumulation. what you got is what you got. tomorrow, a cold blust
Search Results 0 to 9 of about 10